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Smart User Profile

Extend your CRM using free public data and social data


Collect and analyse visual data in your shop or any brick and mortar venues

AI Advertisement

Less expenses but more big data helps clients maximize advertisement return

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    • SagaDigits’ original Artifical Intelligence solutions which leverage crowdsourced and open data to accurately capture consumers' and potential buyers' interests, sentiments and expectations in the Hong Kong and Chinese markets.
    • We also aggregate public profiles of consumers identified on social networks, forums and online listings. We use these profiles to define the representative groups of target buyers and to assist companies to understand the needs of their ideal buyer groups.
    • AI Data Service Modules (AI-DSM) precisely target audience for online marketing campaigns to maximize advertisement efficiency while lowering marketing costs.

    We combine the insights attained from online discussions and profiles to match companies to their desired buyers and to predict market demands for different product offerings.

  • SmartBox

    • SmartBox provides real-time zone detection service in retail stores to gauge the number of shoppers in a specific area and to analyze their preference based on their spatial information.
    • SmartBox uses advanced visual recognition to detect consumers' gender, emotion, and approximate age group with high accuracy.
    • It automatically recommends and analyses products or display advertisements based on the consumer's detected identity, correlated with other similar customers' transaction histories.

    SagaDigits distributes market leading artificial intelligence solutions for online and offline retail stores through its original SmartBox technology.

    SmartBox introduced in DBS BusinessClass

  • AI Advertisement

    • Data-driven advertising solution for small and medium enterprises using publicly available data and advertisement network insights.
    • Lookalike target audience with existing users or finding new audience with original social listening seed users
    • Original 'AI Matching' searching demographic and interests based potential end-users

    Omnichannel - one interface, multiple channels (for Facebook, Google and others)

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