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Our expertise in analysis skills helps your business improve

Comprehensive data analysis

Data collection

Able to collect complete data set from any data source

Analysis and Insights

We have international data scientists with comprehensive professional knowledge

For local business

We have outstanding Chinese and Cantonese language specific skills on text and visual algorithms

  • Tailors data models and key performing indicators

    • SagaDigits applies different machine learning and statistical methods for various local markets, especially Hong Kong and China.
    • We deploy our outstanding Chinese and Cantonese language specific Natural Language Processing, text mining and visual recognition algorithms to extract keywords and topics from unstructured text documents.
    • Artificial intelligence applied in dynamic pricing, tenant mix and property management.

    We present our findings with intuitive visualizations for news forecasts, trend predictions and risk analysis.

  • Visual recognition, NLP and text mining

    • SagaDigits collects comprehensive public data with our state of the art web crawlers from government sources, commercial websites, social media and discussion forums.
    • We combine various information with internal transaction records to computationally reveal actionable patterns for clients in real estate, retailers and financial sectors.
    • Real-time visual detection and recommendation service

    SagaDigits is the team answer your business decisions questions using data

  • Skills

    • We have outstanding data collection skills; our team able to collect data for the whole industry from different data sources
    • We convert, transform, fill, and extract information for your business
    • Privacy is the key to protect your business. Our team has experts in privacy and we apply different alogrithms such as differential privacy to protect your data

    SagaDigits is the team provides you total data-driven solutions

Local Business Intelligence Data Driven Analytics

Only a team who understands every words and faces of your clients can provide you fruitful insights

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